~ 301

2016-02-07 X2

Hair: LittleBones – Grimes in Reds
Headpiece:Lode – Phebe in White @ The Chapter Four
Dress:Just Darling – Vintage Gownin Cream
Bee’s Lode – Phebe Bee’s @ The Chapter Four
Butterfly: Anc – Picnic – Swallow Tailed Butterfly in Topaz @ The Chapter Four
Vase: Glam Affair – Vase on Metal Plate @ The Chapter Four
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Laverne

~ 300

2016-02-07 X

Hair: Elua – Daria in Reds
Dress: Byrne– Miele Rouge @ Swank
Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Adorable @ Swank
Shoes: KC – Viv
Sit: Half Deer – The Sheltering Leaf in Red
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Chelsea


2016-02-06 X

Hair:Love Hair – Puddin’ in Ombre 2 Oddities @ The Chapter Four
Dress:Petite Mort – Lulu Vintage Teddy in Rose
Watch:Kate – Crystalline Watch in Rose
Shoes:Reign – Bow Pumpswith socks in Candy
Props: Irrie’s Dollhouse – Vintage Craft Room Gacha @ The Gacha Garden
Pose:Bauhaus Movement – Cleo

~ 298

Dearly Deers,

A day where all I say or do feels wrong.
A day where my words seems to come out different than I intend.
Makes me wonder if it is just today or if it has always been me all along.
Not a happy day.

L’amour et lumière,

2016-02-04 X2

Hair:Love Hair – Chainsmoker in Ginger @ Lost and Found
Top:Pulse – Punisher in Purple @ Suicide Dollz
Skirt:Yomeshoujo – CRS1
Bracelets:Pulse – Punisher ( Part of the outfit)
Pose & Props:Eternal Dream – Game of Wars Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

~ 296

2016-01-31 X

Hair: Moon Hair – Nashville in Ombres @ Uber
Lingerie: Carrie’s Lingerie – Jane in Red (Layers and Omega)
Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Pearliffic @ Color Me Project
Bracelet: Indulge Temptation– Delice @ Color Me Project
Ring: Kate – Dragonfly
Pose: Ds’Elles – Ondine 5

~ 295

2016-01-30 X

Hair: Oleander – Stefanie in Bon Bon @ The Epiphany Event
Headpiece: Bauhaus Movement – Ryo in Purple @ The Fantasy Collective
Scarf: Bauhaus Movement – Ryo in Purple @ The Fantasy Collective
Top: E*cko – WoolDeb in Snow @ Sanarae
Pants: Coldlogic – Kime in White @ Mainstore Anniversary Sale
Belt: Coldlogic – Clapp in White ** @ Mainstore Anniversary Sale
Shoes: KC – Adore
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Elsie
** Part of Clapp Combo in Khaki, belt color is edited **

~ 294

Dearly Deers,

I invested into a new PC and typing on that is so difficult to do when I am used to a “sunken in keyboard” that I have not yet found the lust to get used to it and therefor I am now on my old laptop to be able to type out a blog without pressing keys that I didn’t intend to type.
Next to a new keyboard I got myself a new graphics card. Which my followers must have noticed on the pictures.
Better graphics card, more ram, it all means less crashing when using Ultra settings.
In fact, till this time I have not yet crashed because I wanted to have a kodac moment on Ultra, including shadows, high resolution and all the things I used to only dream of.
I am a happy person when it comes to my blog.
On this one I used the Mirror Water effect. Having seen more of those type of pictures around on Flickr I decided I wanted to give that a shot too.
I like it and I will try to find out how to get them less blurry in the actual mirror part.
Might you have any options on that to share with me… please do!

L’Amour et Lumière

2016-01-28 X

Hair: D!va – Iris Braid Part
Headpiece: Lode – Melody in White @ Shiny Shabby
Dress: Byrne – Flora Leder in Black
Boots: Byrne – Flora Leder Boots *Part of the outfit
Chairs: Knick Knacks – Alice Sofa @ Tres Chic
Butterflies: Alirium – Butterflies
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Akeno

~ 292

2016-01-26 X

Hair: Love Hair – Blush in Oddities @ Sanarae
Necklace:Pulse – Pierre de Lune
Dress: Mignon – Doki Doki Ribbon @ Sanarae
Shoes:Mignon – Romantic Pearl Pumps @ Sanarae
Bag: GFD – Shiny Purse Pink/White @ Sanarae
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Shiina @ Shiny Shabby

~ 291

2016-01-24 X

Hair: Little Bones – Born To Die The Redheads @ N21
Headpice: Countdown La Mode – Born To Die in Red
Top: RudeCats – Liz
Skirt: RudeCats – Loud
All Props: Knick Knacks – Rapelle-toi de Paris Gacha @ Shiny Shabby**
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Naja *Part of the WEI Pack
** The box in the right upper corner with “Le Jardin” is not, yet, for sale **

~ 290

2016-01-20 X

Hair: Little Bones – Pixie The Redheads
Glasses: E*cko – Wood Glasses
Bodysuit: MMC – Athena Bodysuit
Cardigan: Maitreya – Wool Cardigan in Carmine
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Birgit *Part of the WEI Pack
Setting @The Chamber

~ 289

2016-01-17 CU

Hair: Little Bones – Silence The Redheads
Hat:Paper Couture – Oversized Flower Headband
Dress: Just Darling – Daydream Wedding Gown
Flowers: Rebel Hope Designs – Calla Lilly Bridal Boquet in Green Peach
Doves: Anc – No Limits Flock of Doves and Eating Dove
Balloons: Petite Maison – Balloon Trio in Silver
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Johanne and Mallory *Part of the WEI Pack

2016-01-17 X

~ 288


Hair: Little Bones – Sapphire in Landslide
Dress: The Annex – Karenina Gown in Navy @ The Secret Affair
Hat: Included with dress
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Edwina *Part of the WEI Pack
Props by Ispachi, which is closed.
The picture was made at The Seasons Story

~ 287

2016-01-14 X

Hair: Little Bones – Silence @ Uber
Headpiece: Lode – Zoya big in White (Rare)
Top: E*cko – Raek in Sand
Cardigan:E*cko – Raek in Night
Shoes: R.Icielli – Savia in Black
Props: Knick Knacks – Alice Set @ Tres Chic (Opens the 17th)
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Glenna *Part of the WEI Pack

~ 286

2016-01-13 X

Hair: Love Hair – Briar Rose in Obres #2 Oddities @ The Chapter Four
Headpiece: Lode – Oliv in Original
Dress: Mignon – Ange in Yellow @ Tres Chic (Opens the 17th)
Prop: Cheeky Pea – S’mores Camp Log
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Kly 01

~ 285

2016-01-12 x

Make up: Rowne – Jem
Hair1: Elua – Gemma in Reds @ Uber
Hair2: Rowne – Raquel Ponytail Style 03 in Reds
Dress: Just Darling – Rosalyn in Yellow
Face Ornament: Bauhaus Movement – Rayne in Oro
Pose: Eternal Dream – Vicky 04@ Cosmopolitan

2016-01-12 CU

~ 284


Make up: Rowne – Jem Hollywood Pack
Hair: Elua – Daria in Reds
Dress: Masoom – Wrinkled Dress in Black
Coat: Diram – Jelena Shoulder Coat in Beige & Black
Bag Mutresse – Muci Clutch
Shoes R.Icielli – Althea in Sienna
Pose: Eternal Dream – Zack 07 @ Cosmopolitan

~ 283

2016-01-11 X

Make up: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Hair: Barber Yum Yum – 46 in Red Brown
Jewelry: Pulse – Pierre De Lune in Copper @ Project Limited
Jacket: MMC – Joshua Jacket
Corset: Byrne – Georgia in Rust @ The Instruments
Pose Eternal Dream – Vicky 02 @ Cosmopolitan

~ 282

2016-01-10 X2

Props: Serenity Style – Neylan Set @ The Liason Collaborative
Pose: Eternal Dream – Hold You

On Siddhart:
Hair: Dura – Dura Boy*44 in Black
Shirt: Fe Style – Ghoran Blazer in Black
Pants: Braham Design Part of Dawillie Set
Shoes: Just Design York in Black

On Emlies:
Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Pepe – Dreya in Blacks RARE
Dress: Noche – Sheath Somber @ Fameshed
Shoes: R.Icielli – Vivi in Raspberry
Earrings: Zibska – Yuki in Ruby

~ 281

2016-01-10 X

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Truth – Sassy 02 in Gingers
Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Pearliffic
Dress: Just Darling – Amelia in Pearl
Shoes: Knockers – Dolly Janes & Socks
Props: Irrie’s Dollhouse – All from the 50s Rock N Roll Gacha Machine
Pose: Eternal Dream – Zack 10

~ 280

2016-01-05 X

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Pepe – Evelyn in Black
Top: The Annex – Beu Corset in Blue @The Chapter Four
Jeans: Pulse Luscious Ripped Jeans & Stockings in White
Pose: Ds’Elles – Callas 01
Windlight: Analu – Outdoor Night

~ 279

2016-01-01 X

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Elikatira – Chantal Essentials
Earmuffs: Pulse Interval Earmuffs in White
Jacket: Byrne – Ornamental Jacket in White @ The Instruments
Top: Pulse – Dahlia in White
Dress: Mignon – Twinkle in Silver
Boots:Byrne – Ornamental Boots in White @ The instruments
Doll: Mignon Diva Doll Yuki Secret Rare
Props: Knick Knacks – All parts of the Iced Love Gacha @Shiny Shabby
Pose: Eternal Dream – Shawna 07 *The head is turned with the Animare hud

~ 278

2015-12-28 CU

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Buesy – Patter @ Trés Chic December Round
Hat: Lode – Forget Me Not
Dress: sYs – La Petite Tobe Noire @ Tres Chic December Round
Stole: Pseudo – Queen Stole Graphic @ Tres Chic December Round
Shoes: KCWitchqueen
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – The Violet Flame Of Purity
Pose: Eternal Dream – Iris 03 and Tanja 03
Windlight: Jay Battlescars 9.0 – Waves

2015-12-28 X

~ 277

2015-12-28 X

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Little Bones – Scope
Dress: Amarelo Manga – Mel Long Gown 01
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Le Petit Fleur
Pose: Eternal Dream – Survive or Die 08 Mirror
Windlight: Strawberry Singh.Com – Close Ups

~ 276

Dearly Deers,

not often I shoot on location.
But this little heaven on virtual earth is worth visiting.
It’s small, pretty and with the right poses and windlights a person won’t need much more.
Visit it!

L’amour et lumière,

2015-12-21 X

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Elikatira – Karee
Dress: Just Darling – Yule Gown in Solid Red
Pose:MaVie – Didi 10
Prop: Anc – No Limits Old Electric Pole
Sim: LoveCats Amitomo:Haikei
Windlight: Phototools B/W Light 11

~ 275

2015-12-18 X

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Eyemake up : Rowne – Jem Eyelid #3 Eyeshadow Hud
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Herve Faenzo – Oblivion (Retired)
Dress: Valentina E – Catch Me If I Fall
Tiara: Pulse – Glacia Tiara @ On9
Pose: Eternal Dream – Cleo 05
Windlight: Phototools Quidditch

~ 274

2015-12-17Z X

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Eyemake up: Rowne – Jem Photoshoot Pack
Lipstick: Rowne – Jem The GLoss Pack
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Magika – Harmony
Horns: Pulse – Horns Of Krampus in Ivory
Nails: Tashi – Snowflakes @I Love My Fair-White Christmas
Ring: K Kreations – Dragonfly Ring
Pose: NaturalHenteko Pose 05
Windlight: Phototools Calima Light
Windlight Close Up: StrawberrysingdotcomDiamond

2015-12-17Z X2

~ 273

Dear Sidd,

bahut dhanyavaad

~ Emi

2015-12-17 X2

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Little Bones – Birdie
Lingerie: Countdown La Mode – Honney Red for Maitreya
Corset: The Annex – Laced Underbust Corset in red @ We Love To RP
Prop: Nerenzo – Hut Vari Free Group Gift *Includes Poses
Windlight: Jay Battlescars 6.0 Terral

~ 272

Dearly Deers,

wintery scenes finally hit my blog.
In first life at this moment we have no such thing as winter.
It is not even cold really, 13 Celcius you can hardly call winter temperature.
Therefor I can still walk outside without a scarf, without gloves, at times not even a jacket.
Christmas trees light up the homes I pass by, decorations fill up the scenery.

L’amour et lumière,

2015-12-17 X

Head: Rowne – Jem Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Little Bones – Transmute
Blouse: Le Dressing Anya – Veronique
Jeans: Le Dressing Anya – Oriane
Jewelry: Indulge Temptation – Sophistication Set 5 @ Designer Circle
Shoes: KC Couture – Sinsual
Poses: Eternal Dream – Dashing Through The Snow 03 Advent Gift 2015
Props: Serenity Style – Winterdreams @ SaNaRae
Props: Eternal Dream – Sled part of Dashing Through The Snow 03 Advent Gift 2015
Windlight: Wastelands