~ 062 Memoirs on Anoa

Ola ola Mes Petits Monstres,

~ Cats & Butterflies ~ is my little brand for female clothing.
Nothing too fancy, nothing too huge, nothing too big.

Its with great pleasure I introduce to you the ANOA.
Anoa is named after one of my real life cats.
I remember when she was born, she was the first to leave her mom’s nest, I remember her as an exploring type of cat.
She even was bold enough to walk with us on a line a few blocks from home, saw a dog, got scared, went home with us againbeing 2 times bigger.
At home though, she walked around with a look towards her brothers and mom saying: “Yeah I kicked that dogs ass bad time..”

The design Anoa is nothing like that. Anoa is a blouse with three different prints.
Vintage leaves, a bolder print and one with dots.
The hud provided with Anoa, gives you several color options of the three prints.

L’Amour et Lumière,
Le Mamma Monstre



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