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Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

I have been reading some blogs from others who were inspired to blog after some of the challenges, Strawberry Singh had set up.
It seems like great fun to do so and therefor I am going to be non original and just follow up on her like so many before me did.

The first one on her series of challenges is the Favorite Designer Challenge.
To Blog about your favorite designer and why this is your favorite. What do you like about the designs? How does he or she inspire you? Do you have a story to share about any experiences?

The grid is full of designers and today I am not really stuck to one designer. After my experiences with AVENUE I learned how mixing and matching designs and designers can add to your look.
After shaking off my noob look though and finding out there was in fact more to wear than big poofy dresses and bling I started to look for interesting stores. I was at Bliss Couture and remember a girl wearing a short, brown dress. It was flowered with gold and had a prim sash on it. I could not find it anywhere in the store and finally simply asked her in im where she got it from.
I felt a bit lame for asking so, but I simply loved her dress and wanted it! She was, like all people in sl really, very nice and gave me a LM to a store called Chantkare.

There it was, Black Gold Summer Tulle Dress.
To me after having a relationship with poofy big gowns this was a new heaven.
Next to this dress I also got myself the Viktor Fallback dress and Mishu Mishu, a green design with a to me totally different neckline.
I actually made a picture back then for a I think it was a “Face Of Chantkare” competition they had going on.
I did not win….I had no clue of pictures in sl then, nor from styling. From anything really lol.

Emlies in Mishu Mishu

My love for Chantkare was born and I could not wait to see her new collection.
I went almost every week and to my suprise, I noticed this was more like a rl designer!
She actually retired old collection after sale and there came a WHOLE new collection!
This to me was amazing and one of the first times I learned that sl and fashion was something I wanted to dig in deeper to.
Applonia Criss’s designs for Chantkare, were different from what I had seen in sl.
The collection was a true COLLECTION.
The color schemes made sense to me as they were seen back in the whole collection of that season.
Dresses, with the most complex textures and sculpts. In the period of 2009 and 2010 I have gotten me alot of her designs.
On most designs I did not even have to think long whether I wanted it or not, it was Chantkare, so if I liked the colors and idea of the design it was an instant buy.
For not only the designs were good and original the price to pay for them were quite a deal too. ( Yes, in the sale period I DID buy more too for this was usually all half price then)

2013-08-26 74

However the Black Gold Summer Tulle Dress will always be my special design for the reason above I must say that one of my all time favorite designs is the Ming Vintage jacket.
I have always loved wearing that jacket with how it was styled on the picture, with the Lulu shorts and a thick red and white bracelet.
Today I have not been able to find the Chantkare Collection.
I did look up Applonia’s profile but the landmark at Tabula Rose is not current.
Perhaps she has closed temporarily or perhaps it was time for her to move on to different things.
To me however, without her knowing it, Applonia is my favorite designer on the grid.

L’Amour et Lumière,

Upper picture:
Mishu Mishu Dress by Chantkare (no longer available)

Lower Picture:
Make Up & Hair:
Make Up – It Girls – Carmen Pale Eyeshadow 4
Mascara – Glow Studio – Devilicious
Hair – E – Jennie NEW

Dress – Chantkare – Black Gold Summer Tulle Dress (no longer available)

Jewelry – Virtual Impressions – Bethany NEW

Shoes – Lelutka – Saffron Sand

Pose – MaVie – Revealed 02
Windlight – Phototools Epi Vintage Light

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