~001 Ayumi By Lionskins

Ola Ola,

Happily I can let you get acquainted with “Ayumi”.
Ayumi is the new line of skins Lion Jonesford released just this week.

Emlies Ayumi Dragon

Style Card
Skin:Ayumi 20 with hairbase by Lionskins
Hair: Eden Color Soil by Vanity Hair
Dress: Bare One Sholder-Ukiyo Botan-DR by Milky House
Jewelry: Oriental Tang – Mui Fei Hair pieces (Red) by Alienbear

Ayumi is an Asian inspired skinline which comes in two main styles.
Where Ayumi itself is serene, soft and quite the graceful type of girl, right across her stands her daring, fierce and sometimes even darker side, Ayumi White.

Wearing:  Left Ayumi nr 14,  Right Ayumi White 13

Both Ayumi and Ayumi White come in 20 make-up options, with or without hairbase.
Ayumi comes standard with cleavage; however, if you do not like this, you can choose to wear the layer with the normal cleavage.

Wearing from left to right in Ayumi series
Ayumi 20,   13,  16,  10,   7,  5 and last 3

When this is not enough for you, I recommend you to visit the Lionskins and try the demos so you can choose whether you want to be Ayumi or Ayumi White…..

Visit Lionskins now Click HERE

L’Amour et Lumière,  Lady Emi

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