~ 005 Rock Wedding Spring by Aliza Karu

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Every now and then you hear somebody say:”I am searching for something, I do not know yet what, but when I see it I know it..”
That is what I was not doing…. After seeing a show on steampunk designs, I was looking for exactly that.
Using search and hopping along form sim to sim, I came across the name Aliza Karu. There I found a range of designs which have one thing in common: Uniqueness
I searched for Steampunk, but fell in love with the extravagant wedding dress called Rock Wedding Spring.

~ 005

Styling Card:
Dress: Rock Wedding Spring by AD Creations
Skin: Sakura D – TDR 27 by Glam Affair
Make Up: Special edition bonus by TTF
Hair: Irena White! by Vita’s Boudoir
Shoes: Frozen White Ice Queen Heels by Grim Bros

~ 005b

Rock Wedding Spring is a white laced sexy and edgy dress revealing a black bra.The skirt and top have a flowered branch over the full length. To top it off you can wear the branch headpiece. To be honest, like this the design is already quite the dress. However, Aliza made the design really comes to life with the Extravagant over-sized jacket with 3 big butterflies chained on the back of the dress holding it up………Only thing missing is a wedding date.

L’Amour et Lumière, Emi

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