~ 016 Countdown to……..

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

While working my shifts, I get to see many people and during my latest shift, I got to meet AntoniaXP.
She walked around in a STUNNING hat. See for yourself:

Widow by Countdown

It turned out, AntoniaXP was the designer herself of this masterpiece.
Countdown, the name of her store, opened its doors the 20st of September.
You can find stunning gowns, pret a porters, Dessous, Shoes and Poses.

Widow is the name of this dress. I fell in love with the hat.
It has fringes that move with you while the roses on top of it are each placed carefully.
Although the hat is an eyecatcher in itself, it does come with a dress and a fur bolero to keep you warm.
So wether its for the dress or the hat…. you will look stunning eitherway.
Find COUNTDOWN here.

L’amour et L’umière,
La Mamma Monstre

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