~ 021 Revanche and Chantkare

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Recently opened, Revanche has cute tops, jeans, pants, and a few skirts.


The pants I am wearing are Fall Pants in grey, its a modern Marlene pants with folds. They can be worn with almost every top or sweater you have in your inventory.
Fall pants, come in 5 colors, Brown, Grey, Olive, Burgundy and Teal blue.
The short sweater is from Chantkares Victoria, Originally a dress but wearable as sweater as well.
Victoria is a hunt item, so make sure to be in time to search this item. If you missed it, not to worry Chantkare has started its annual Sale, so there will be something for you either way.
The scarf in Teal with Mustard frills is also from Revanche. It will keep you stylishly warm all winter. It comes in Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Skulls and this Teal version.
Then all jewelry comes from Finesmith. All from the NOIR range, which must be one of my personal favorites. With its color-change gems it will surely match any design you wear, however for the white lovers amongst us, you are now able to purchase it during the winterseason, in White Snow color with Ice Diamond gems. Next to a few selected other items for a special price.

Have fun with your inventory and make sure to check out Revanche to see what is out there for you.

L’Amour et L’Umière, La Mamma Monstre

Revanche, The new store
Chantkare, hurry to seek your hunt item!! (and wintersale has started)
Finesmith, for your favorites in winterwhites

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