~ 024 Week 4 in 52 weeks of color: PLUM

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

The color Plum is the color of the week and with this in mind I am able to present to you two designs in one which is always nice for us fashionfreaks:)

Lady Dark by Siryelle's Dream

Lady Dark by Siryelle’s Dreams is a versitile gown.
The upperpart is a pink laced bodice, with a flowered shoulderpiece.
In the waist is a piece with the same flowers as on the shoulder and another one with more plum colored flowers.
You can wear it like this, with the stalkings as a sexy lingery set, however, by a simple add of the skirt and its flexiparts: Tadaaa a wonderfull gown with many colors in the plum variant.
Have fun now with your styling in Plum,

L’amour et L’umière,
La Mamma Monstre.


Siryelle’s Dream, also for furniture

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