~ 044 Vintage at Camilla’s

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

For those times where you are feeling in that fifties mood,
Camilla’s comes with LAVERNE.

~ 044 Vintage Emi

With black & White you never go out of style and this goes too for this tight classic dress, Lavern – Trouble.
The black fabric makes Laverne look like a highwaisted skirt, where six white buttons are added to highlight your waist.
The upperpart is checkered B&W with black paspels on the sleeves.
A thick, yet cleavage showing collar and a bow added on the top makes Laverne.

Laverne is also avaialable in
Wanted, pink and black colored
Tempted, black and pink patterned
and Sugar, light blue patterned with pink.

L’Ammour et Lumière,
La Monstre Mamma.


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