~ 046 Yes Bebé, Virtual Impressions and Secrets.

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres.

The new gown of Nonna Hedges’s Yes Bebé, is a good classic “Big dress” as I used to call them when I started sl. Like many girls, I like to feel like a princess from time to time and with this design I can. INNOCENCE, a gown with a bodycorset of mesh in a satin texture with hints of peach to pink is the base of tyhe gown. Underneath it, a full lenght prim skirt in several layers. All made flexi so with every step you take your gown will flow along. Next to this design, there is also the Innocence gown in a more sleek version.

~ 046 Princesslike

To compliment a princess, there is ALWAYS Virtual Impressions to add.
And an impression one can make with this new set from Chrissy Ambrose, ISADORA, a mesh jewelry set with diamonds and mix of gems as options. An evening set in 3 pieces, necklace & earrings or a bridal set including a tiara. On the picture the Bridal set is shown in platinum with diamonds.

To make the look complete, you neeeeeed princesshair.
And although a nice flowing long hair is quite nice, an elegant updo will do as well!
So make an appointment with your hairdresser Syndel Daviau from Secrets and ask for the NAIVE. Naive is a classic updo with some locks let down on the side. But pricesses nowadays dont want classic, they want something more. Therefor your fringe is braided from ear to ear, making your day as princess complete.
Now go seek your frog…

L’Amour et lumière,
La Mamma Monstre

Yes Bebé by Nonna Hedges
Virtual Impressions by Crissy Ambrosia
SECRETS by Syndel Daviau

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