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Ola Ola Mes Petit Monstres,

Dont us girls (and boys) just love the way you can enhance your look with beautifull make up?
Being on the grid we often search for new items, new stores, new styles, new ways to look your best.
As much as I love doing that, it is just as much as fun to dig in your inventory and see which make up boxes never run out of date.
Like this eyeshadow from the Orient Express Collection. Zen is a hard pink shadow with a glowing highlight in the middle.
In your inventory I am also pretty sure you have a ton of eyeliners. Bold ones, thick ones, subtile ones, but liners indeed.
Needle Liner is one which comes in a wide range of colors, I choose for Charcoal, which is just a bit softer than black is.
To make your eyes really pop out with this make up, the use of not too small and not too long lashes does the trick.

Till next time,
L’Amour et Lumìere,
La Mamma Monster.

2013 - 10

Skin – It Girls – Carmen
Make up – It Girls – Carmen Lip 4
Make up – La Malvada Mujer – Twiggy Eyes Only
Make up – Blackliquid – Orient Express Zen Eyes
Make up – Blackliquid – Needle Charcoal Liner
Eyes – Damned – Butterfly Effect
Lashes – Blackliquid -Little Lashes
Hair – Dura – Girl 41 NEW

Top – Countdown – Selena NEW
Pants – ~C&B~ – Charley Olive
Cardigan – *Slave* – Open Sweater Colorable (Edited color) NEW
Shoes – Surf Couture – Spring Fling Wedges – Pink Lemonade (Edited color)

Nails – Blackliquid – Orbital – Cabaret
Necklace – Virtual Impressions – Key To My Heart NEW
Bag – Aris Aris – Lgs36 Funny Bag NEW

Pose – Ovation – Cara 1 & Lisandra 15 NEW
Windlight – Places Kunming

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