~ 130

Ola Ola mes Petits Monstres,

This weeks challenge has to do with one single word: Romance.
What personifies romance to you?

To get an answer to that I wanted to look up what it “really” means as a word.
There are many things I think about when hearing the word romance, of course candlelight dinners, endless dancing under a sky full of stars, eating an icecream together and all the typical, maybe even stereotype things one can think of. When thinking longer about this, things that have a deeper meaning to me came to mind, like that time when Kiari gave birth to three kittens, the fact that my parents are still together and that I am lucky enough to still have them in my life. However does this qualify as romance?

According to wikipedia romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person associated with love.
My parents fit this description. Kiari is not a person but a cat, however it can fit this description as well, for the one and only “because I say so” reason. Candelight dinners fit this, as well as a simple I love you kiss. Holding hands while crossing a path of stones fit this too. So what does it personify to me??
To me, romance is what is written in lyrics. One song has different meanings to others. Music has a way that makes you feel better or worse.
One of the things that has written romance all over it is of course Shakespears Romeo And Juliet. Dire Straits wrote a song with the same title, that The Killers copied from them.

L’Amour et lumière,

One thought on “~ 130

  1. I enjoyed your post immensely. It was very well thought out and points out the basis for love as much as it does for romance. I especially liked the part about your cat and your parents. You did a wonderful job. Thank you for sharing! Star


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