~ 160

Dearly Deers,

Some of my favorite bloggers have the most amazing pictures and add a style card and I am quite fond of those. I admire their vision of photography, their styling and well heck they do not even need to write a piece, since the picture says it all.
Other bloggers I love add a bunch of their amazing pictures and write a complete story around the pictures and items.
And of course, even when it sounds not so friendly or nice, there are blogs too that i simply do not like. What they have in common though, after working on their blog they all have created their own style which is great.
Their supporters (Designers) trust in the bloggers vision.
The items bloggers buy are all matched up to the way they envision the styling of their look.
Small note: I think ANY blogger can agree to this, we do not JUST get items from designers, we are all great spenders in SL!!

Today I decided to do it a little different than I have been doing.
I do not see myself as a “writer” and I think its quite hard to make my own ramblings sound interesting. However, why should I not even try?
So here goes nothing or here goes all.

~ 160

The styling of this pictures has started out with a Jumpsuit by Miss Valentina, which was sent to me as a “Welcome in the team of Miss Valentina Bloggers” Bloggers pack.
This jumpsuit sells in 2 color hud versions.
Version 1 includes the colors Yellow, Fuchsia, Orange (Tangerine if you will), Teal, Lime, and Chocolate. These colors to me come across as a tad dark compared to the second version.
Version 2 comes in Blue, Gray, Lilac, Ballet Pink, Olive and Red, they seem more “soft”.
I can’t say the difference truly is Dark Versus Soft, but that is what came to my mind most.

To match the golden belt this jumpsuit has, I added the Celine pump by Kunglers.
These come from an older round of The Dressing Room Fusion, where Kunglers, often has participated in. (if not always).. Celine is Golden Glittered and has black heels. One of the good things in SL.. Myself I have a few glittered shoes in first life and they tend to hurt on the sides, these will never hurt you !!!

The bag comes from the past round of The Arcade. Its by Oh La La.
I do not know what I have with sl bags but they seem to have that precious X factor to me.
Every Gacha Play that has bags in them, is worth taking my chances for. I do not even really care which color I get for there will always be an occasion where I can use it or simply give away. The Bow Bag by Oh La La will stay in my collection though, despite it is a big bag i like the simple but statement design it has as well as the color scheme used here.

~ 160b

This part is where I really dislike I am not a good photographer….
Nails. With the SLink hands (and feet for that matter) becoming more and more popular, it took me a long while to get used to them and even begin to really wear them.
However, with all those nice nail-designers and shoe designers it is like we are easier seduced (or perhaps even made) to wear them.
Now that I have become more comfortable around them I have to mention Zozicon, the designer of ZOZ. This designer has made my inventory full of nice polishes all for the Slink hands and feet. You can really tell them between several designers, as her textures are recognizable as hers. I wear them all the time and hardly give other designers a chance on my hands. I am sure you know them too, since Zozicon participates in a lot of hunts and releases new items on a regular base.
To match the golden hints of the belt and pumps, I could have picked many of ZOZ nail appliers, since most of them come with both a silver and a gold version of tips.
I went for the Butterfly Spring in Freesia though, Freesia is yellow and well basically I just like them!!!

L’Amour et Lumière,
Emlies Xeltentat

Hair – Chemistry – Harlie
Hands – SLink – Mouse
Nails – ZOZ – Butterfly Spring

Jumpsuit – Miss Valentina – Jumpsuit 2014001 V1

Glasses – RYCA – GJM
Bag – Oh La La – Bow Bag
Pose – Ma Vie – Girl Fever 05
Close Up pose – Ma Vie – Strategies 04

Full picture – Fluffy Big Clouds
Close Up – Phototools – Cloud Credit Light

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