~ 176

Dearly Deers,

how many rings do you have in your inventory?
In Second Life my inventory counts a dozen dozens.
Plastic ones, gemstone ones, huge ones, small ones, extraordinary ones, simple ones, detailed ones, ugly ones.

In my first life I have 15 rings, of which two are broken. Do I need them really? No.
But are the special? They all hold a memory to me.
4 of them are quite old, all silver.
The oldest is from when I was a small kiddo. Like Kindergarten somewhere.
It’s broken and holds place for a ladybug”stone”. When I was about 19 I bought one that was alike, but I do not wear that one anymore.
There is another one which had a purple fake stone in it. I had lost it but Martijn, my neighbor friend at that time had found it back.
The stone was gone, so Martijns mom put nail polish in it for me, so it looked as if it was complete again.
I was 13 when this happened I have notes about it in my old diary which is awesome to read back.

~ 176

Then there is the fully broken one, a bigger one with Zirconia’s in it, which I got from my mom and dad when I became 16.
It was expensive but very “different” and I wanted it real bad. I still have it, even though its not wearable anymore.

As I grew older my taste got more classic, (Read expensive) and I changed my style to gold.
An ex boyfriend gave me a ring with two hearts, and together we bought one with a blue stone in it.
A year after he passed away, so they will always be special to me but they are not worn anymore.

I have a simple, nice one, that my ex gave me as well as the wedding ring we choose.
Even though we are divorced, I own it still but don’t wear them anymore either.
Through the years I “collected” two more rings, one I found in the backyard of my neighbor at that time.
No one missed it, so I could have it. Also at the store where i worked in there was found a ring.
Same story no one claimed it, so when I stopped working there, I was the one who got it, after it had just collected dust there for two years.

Next to those, I got a ring inherited from my mom’s aunt, with a garnet gemstone.
Its my favorite. I bought a smaller one that is similar to that one which I both wear often.
With Mieke, I have a friendship ring, she is my best friend in first life and we decided to get them the 26th of December in 1999.
She has my name engraved in it as I have her name with 27-12-1999 in it…our mistake, as it should have been the 26th..
I share another friendship ring with Julia, or Roos, my inwolrd sister.
We got them when she visited me in the Netherlands for the first time and we got it engraved as well.

Now the one with the, to me, most impressive story, is the one that is white golden and has 3 diamonds in it.
It was given to me for my birthday combined with Christmas by my first inworld boyfriend.
I thought I would go and spend the rest of my days with him as we talked about meeting and living together and take the steps to build a future.
We have been together for a year and shared phone calls, emails, tweets and everything virtual together but we never met.
At this day it has been years since we spoke, he is not inworld anymore and we just don’t have contact anymore.
We both moved on I suppose, I did, yet I still wear this ring on a daily base because it looks pretty and it has meaning to me.

Back going inwolrd…
At the Oh! LIKE blah Gotta Gatcha Round 2 Event, you can get rings too!
11 to collect of which 2 are rare by Stuck Up.
You have till the fifteenth of August to collect yours:)

L’amour et lumière,

~ 176b

Skin – Glam Affair – Livy – India 02E 100L$ @ The Arcade Gacha Event June 2014
Eyes – Ikon – Kaleido Eyes – Sand
Make up – Glam Affair – Gloss 04
Make Up – Glow Studio – Pin Up Eyeliner
Hair – Catwa – Juliet
Hair – Catwa – Selena Messy Braid
Hands – Slink – Av Enhancement Elegant
Feet – Slink – Av Enhancement High
Nailpolishes – ZoZ – Tulip Polish

Bikini – Retired
Top – Amarelo Manga – Mini Blouse Suzana 250L$ *New @ Mainstore
Pants – Amarelo Manga – Suzana 400L$ *New @ Mainstore
Earrings – Ryca – HC Gold
Bangles – Ryca – DXL Gold
Piercing – Puncture – Dermal Gemstones Hips
Ring Left Hand – Yummy – Garden Cocktail @ The Arcade Gacha Event June 2014
Ring Left Hand – Stuck Up – Stack Em Ring Diamond Rare 25L$ @ Oh! Like Blah Gacha Event August 2014
Ring Left Hand – Stuck Up – Stack Em Ring Diva Rare 25L$ @ Oh! Like Blah Gacha Event August 2014
Ring Left Hand – Stuck Up – Stack Em Ring Sexy 25L$ @ Oh! Like Blah Gacha Event August 2014

Ma Vie – Over my Head 04 and 06

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