~ 182

Dearly Deers,

The other day I got news about a casting.
Should I sign myself up for this?

In my beginning years of Second Life I have been into the modeling industry.
I started to follow classes that taught me how to have a different look on fashion in SL and start to add style to Emlies. When finished my first course, I thought I had it made.
I now was truly a model !!!

Ha ha, not so much, I had the tools give to perform how models perform, but little did I know I would need the experience in styling myself, editing prims to make them fit, editing those same prims to make them look better for pictures, choosing certain make up for a certain garment, shaping my shape, playing around with my face endlessly to get to a look that fitted my personal liking AND my skin, choosing poses that compliment my style rather than choosing poses I “just like”.
This is something no modeling school, academy, course or person can learn you.
It is you yourself who has to apply the tools on your own styling, on how you wish to present yourself at your modeling job or in your personal second life.

~ 182

With the experience of looking at other models, different agencies, different people, I got to know myself better. I learned how I wanted to be seen, who I wanted to be and who I had become.

Doing a casting at those days, to me, was nail biting stuff.
I had to adapt to a theme an agency had set up for in such a way that it also fitted that person who I had become. I was nervous for castings, always. Was my style ok? Was my make up ok? Were my poses ok? Was I ok??

At the end of 2 and half years, I decided I truly liked modeling, but I liked being backstage more and style only for myself, no longer for an agency. No longer the pressure of being online at certain times, no longer giving it my all for rather less payback (Not literally money, but in other things)

From that time, 2011 till now, November 2014 I always more or less have been involved with small jobs.
one way or another, I still redressed myself on a daily base and still payed attention to small details, not as if I were to walk a runway, I simply cared about my appearance. It might not be everyone’s taste, but it was mine and that has always been and stayed important to me.

Now, back to today.
A casting notice got my attention. There is an agency that is looking for up to 30 models and even though I thought, this is nothing for me anymore, I could not help but leaving the thought be.
I kept thinking about it and the last casting date was last Saturday the 15th.
I already had plans in first life, as my friend would visit and the casting time was at my first life dinner time. I noticed myself Whats Apping to my friend..”How obsessive is it, if i want to do a casting at our dinner time, virtually?” She told me: “Fun, do it”.

~ 182

And there I was, half an hour before time. All week re-editing Emi to a more model wise look.
A look which still looking like myself, just a bit tweaked and taller, as yes in Second Life too models are tall. The difference between casting 2010 and casting 2014 for me is, I am way less nervous and “hard” for myself.
I styled after the theme and how I thought that fitted me best.
I payed attention at prims, editing them out of my body/hair.
I took care of my poses, made sure nothing was sticking in me while posing.
The choreography was rather simple but I managed to mess up.
My way back was rather not straight. The one thing I hate when it comes to modeling is, that when you click on Stop, at your pose window, you have to press Escape, or your doll wont walk as your mouse is still on your pose window… Ideas anyone… ????

All in all, if its me they look for for their agency, than I promise I will not mess up walks anymore !!!
if my face is not what they look for, then I had fun styling and gave it a go at least.
One thing for sure is, this time my first life nails are still long.
This time I was content!
On how I looked.
On how I behaved.
On how I have experienced this,
rather then to only think what THEY thought of my performance.

Grow Deers, grow !!
L’amour et lumière,

Skin – Glam Affair – Livy – India 02F
Eyes – Fab Pony – Bambi – Liquid Steel
Hair – Dela – Nena – Orange Browns
Hands – Slink – Av Enhancement Elegant 1
Feet – Slink – Av Enhancement High Feet
Nail Polish – ZoZ – Sassy (Slink Appliers)

Top – R.icielli – Satin Top – Black
Pants – R.icielli – Evie Pants – Light Blue ( 15L$ @ Say Goodbye To Old Sim Hunt)
Shoes – R.icielli – Highness Peep Toes – Black ( 15L$ @ Say Goodbye To Old Sim Hunt)
Earrings – WTG – Corsage Black Gold
Necklace – WTG – Corsage Black Gold
Bag – Stories & Co – Jezibell Wristlet

Close up – Isomotion – Stand 4
Full – TM Creation – Sofa Couch Cuddle Built in Pose – Female Lay 1

Tropicana Salsa Ballroom
Windlight – Places Embryo

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