~ 188

Dearly Deers,

Yesterday (Tuesday) was my first life birthday.
The day before my birthday we could pick up my new car as my old one would not make it through the standard approval. A green yellow colored car had caught my eye and I fell instantly in love. A Ford Ka is now part of the parking lot down the street. I hope she feels at home soon!

2014-12-10 Regal CU

As I love to celebrate my birthday the day itself was not that crowded at all.
The only one I actually saw was Jan’s mom who gave me a real big bouquet of pink flowers.
Always nice, people that actually know which color I love… even if its not a huge secret really.
Jan himself had to go to work again but not after we had dinner together.
Other than that the day ended up with rain. Let’s hope for better weather during the weekend when I will throw my party !

L’Amour et lumière,

2014-12-10 Regal Front

Hair: Truth – Felicity – Gingers
Make Up: R.Icielli – EOS Glitter Liner – OldGold

Dress: AlaFolie – L’Espagnole
Shoes: Ingenue – Pickford Heels
Jewelry: La Topasiene – Diament Noir

Lisp – Streetlamp with poses (including umbrella)

Full Side: Eternal Dream – Kollective 08
Full Front: Eternal Dream – Glamourize 02
Close Up: Eternal Dream – Linger 04


2014-12-10 Regal Side

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