Dearly Deers,

with 2015 being the new year I am happy to mention I have found a job worth keeping.
Obviously after being without a job for so many years I would like to keep whichever job would come my way, but the job I have I actually like. I went from assistant manager in a shoe store to do small chores and cleaning in older and disabled people’s homes. This sounds a bit degrading towards the new job I have. But in all honesty, I have to say that at first it did actually feel like a huge step back. When I first got unemployed I did feel “too good” to do such a job as cleaning.


I was set to find a job in the line I used to do. That is what I did, it is what I was experienced in and for some reason I felt that that was what I have been meaning to do with my life. Not a top function in a high end company, but being able to tell “my” staff where they can find this and that number of this and that shoe… I lived for that in the past. To have “my” storage organised so everyone could exactly find each box with each pair possibly available.
Cleaning homes with “old” people… no way that that would fit me.
Till I became so fed up with being without a job and making my own money that I applied for it.
I had no clue why it went so easy. I applied, I got a call and interview and was hired, two weeks later I had my first clients and a week after that two more.
Now I clean homes, I wash windows, vacuum, mop the floors, take dust away, iron clothing, make the beds…but most, if not foremost important… I talk with people.
People that are happy to see a face in the house. People that have something to tell about the old days and the now. People that enjoy to have a coffee or tea and just be noticed.


As in sl, where we see people come and go, we meet new faces, say goodbye to old faces, First Life is no different at all. We meet new faces, and sadly, we say goodbye to old faces, literally. The people I work with now are almost all 80+ and I hope to still be able to help them for a long while. I love my new job with,mostly, old people!

L’amour et lumière,

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