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Dearly Deers,

Have you seen Titanic more times than is likely healthy? Can you recite every word out of Jack Dawson’s mouth verbatim? Is the original poster still hanging in your childhood bedroom at your parents’ house? Inspired by this movie is today’s post.
The original costumes in Titanic were designed by Deborah Lynn Scott, a huge project and one of the best known, must be “The Jump Dress”.
Here is an article about that dress together with nice close ups done.


I got inspired by a similar idea, a red dress with a black transparent overlay.
On Marketplace I did a search for Rosa Ray’s designs, her brand is Volstead.
Daylily, is a shorter dress than in Titanic and not likely to be worn in that movie, as you can see legs, however, an inspiration is of course not a copy.
The details on the overlay top are really well colored. You can almost feel the lace sewn on the sheer fabric.

~ 216

The vintage style Rosa Ray uses in her designs is definitely her mark.
And to find shoes to match the retro look you can just stay with her now too for Slink feet, you can find a few heels in her collection. Dellamore really suits the look effortless. Both the dress as the shoes come with a recolor hud to fit your personal taste.

Hope you can get inspired too!

L’amour et lumière,
Emlies !

~ 216

Skin:GLAM AFFAIR – Eles – – Europa 01
Eyes:DULCE SECRETS – Secret Garden – Darkest Brown
Make Up:DULCE SECRETS – Alien Lips – Red
Hair:SENTINUS – Charlane
Nails:ZOZ – Dark Spring Solids

Dress: Volstead – Daylily
Shoes: Volstead – Dellamore (Slink Med)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Black Storm Set – Silver

Eternal Dream – Shawna 04

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