~ 229

Dearly Deers,

today something different.
I have started to be in Second Life since November 2008.
The longest offline I was is I think about three weeks.
That was to take a vacation in first life, since I am now almost seven it appears to me, that it is quite clear that I kinda like living my second life.
Then this happens…

“I am not going to be online so often anymore, but you have my rl number or you have my fb, you can always contact me there”

I hate when some of the friends I made do this, not just not liking but really totally hate it.
I have to respect their wish of leaving SL, for whichever reason they have and I am totally ok with respecting that. But what some, if not most of those same people fail to understand is the above lines I started with.
I partially live in second life.
I have met you there.
We have had good and bad times there.
We bonded there.
I liked having you in my life there.
I miss you there.

Then you get the but you have my number? You have my Email, you have my skype, you have my Whats App, you have me.
Uhm yes Anne has you, but Emlies misses you, A L O T.

I know of course Emlies and Anne are “the same” and I am aware that I can contact people outside SL and that its ok to do so.
But I think it’s sad the caring is no longer shared in that virtual world where all began, where sometimes it is the only place that seems like a “real life” because of distances. Where you happen to be able to do things together which are for reasons not possible, yet, in first life. That you left or are leaving Second Life does not mean my life there ends too.
When it comes to that, I think I might be all for let’s keep SL, SL.

L’amour et lumière,
a sad Emlies.

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