~ 231

Dearly Deers,

The first time I met AntoniaXP, designer and creator of Countdown, she wore a huge hat with fringes and black dress.
I really liked that hat and asked her where she had bought it as I wanted to get myself a copy and check out the designers items. She gave me a copy as she turned out to be wearing her own creation. I blogged it and was invited to her group of bloggers for Countdown. Pleased to blog her items years went by till she did a closing sale for her brand. Always a shame when a talented designer has to stop what he or she does.
Recently though, I found out she is back as a designer for Countdown La Mode.
A dress inspired by the one Kim Kardashian wears at the 2015 MET festival, this is Kim K!
By the hand of the one and only Antonia.

L’amour et lumière,

~ 231
Skin: Glam Affair – Eles – Jamaica
Eyes: Dulce Secrets – Secret Garden
Hair: Purple Moon Ana

Dress: Countdown – Kim K Met
Headpiece: Natural – Avec Toi

Ma Vie – Revealed 02

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