~ 276

Dearly Deers,

I invested into a new PC and typing on that is so difficult to do when I am used to a “sunken in keyboard” that I have not yet found the lust to get used to it and therefor I am now on my old laptop to be able to type out a blog without pressing keys that I didn’t intend to type.
Next to a new keyboard I got myself a new graphics card. Which my followers must have noticed on the pictures.
Better graphics card, more ram, it all means less crashing when using Ultra settings.
In fact, till this time I have not yet crashed because I wanted to have a kodac moment on Ultra, including shadows, high resolution and all the things I used to only dream of.
I am a happy person when it comes to my blog.
On this one I used the Mirror Water effect. Having seen more of those type of pictures around on Flickr I decided I wanted to give that a shot too.
I like it and I will try to find out how to get them less blurry in the actual mirror part.
Might you have any options on that to share with me… please do!

L’Amour et Lumière

~ 276

Hair: D!va – Iris Braid Part
Headpiece: Lode – Melody in White @ Shiny Shabby
Dress: Byrne – Flora Leder in Black
Boots: Byrne – Flora Leder Boots *Part of the outfit
Chairs: Knick Knacks – Alice Sofa @ Tres Chic
Butterflies: Alirium – Butterflies
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Akeno

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