~ 284

Dearly Deers,

As in life you lose things, I think its safe to say that loss is one of the most difficult things to go through.
How annoying when you lose your keys, a sock in the laundry, or a book you know you put on that certain shelf.
The loss of your significant other. The loss of your teeth. The loss of your loved ones. The loss of a child, the loss of your parents.
All small things and large things of loss.
One of the most difficult losses is, in my eyes, the loss of yourself.
Waking up not knowing anymore who you are or who you are going to be. Thoughts that do not come to your mind.
The feeling you want to say so many things all at once but you lost all your words.
Things and thoughts that always were normal to you now seem to be huge insecurities.
Nothing seems to make sense anymore because you live your life empty, hollow, in a void of nothing.
You are lost.

~ L’amour et lumière,

~ 284

Hair: Truth – Emeline in Reds
Top: Petite Mort – Embroidered Blouse in Plum
Pants: RudeCats – Kira
Shoes:KC – Nellie Wedges
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Dixie
Chair: Artilleri – Middleton Chair in Coral
Prop:The Mustard Seed – Umbrella and Cat in Rose (Past Gacha)

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