~ 295 (abc Blog D)

Dearly Deers,

we have come to D and what fun it is to realize your inventory is bigger than one may think but at the same time it simply sometimes lack things..
As the pose with a D that is fitting.
I decided to have a D at my challenge.
No straight A student but a fail. A “D”…. that being said, it works for this challenge in a weird selfish way right?

Mignon recently released for a gacha these cute Daisy Dream pumps with socks.
The sole is filled with summer daisy’s and spring is right behind the door wearing these shoes.
When you pull the rare from the gacha, you get a hud to recolor the socks and with only 50L$ a pull it may well be worth a shot.

The dress Digi is by Just Darling. Even though I really like the design, it is rather difficult to wear the sleeves with a maitreya body.
So you may want to use your standard body for it and use the correct fitted alpha to show it off perfect. It comes in several vibrant colors all with a black skirt.
Digi is a one piece by the way, which makes it a ready to wear.

One of my favorite jewelry designers is, as you may have noticed throughout my blogposts, Aenau, creator of !IT! or Indulge Temptation.
I like the boldness, the pieces are detailed but not over the top blingie in appearance. Dazzling Dangling necklace is available at The Designer Circle and comes in a range of six different color huds. Might you get them all, you can use all huds on the same necklace which saves a bit of room in your inventory too!

L’amour et lumiére,

~ 295

Hair: Truth – DEMI in Reds
Glasses: Purple Moon – DOROTHY Cat Eye Glasses in White
Necklace: Indulge Temptation – DAZZLING DANGLING @ Designer Circle
Earrings: Chop Zuey – DRAGON heart
Dress: Just Darling – DIGI Dress in White
Shoes: Mignon – DAISY DREAM @ Whimsical Event
Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Eucliwood

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