~ 301

Dearly Deers,

My neice, Xianzia, adores horses.
She took horse riding lessons when she was 6. She watched Barbie Pegasus a billion times.
About two years ago, she was allowed to be on my friends sim and “own” a breedable of his.
It was not hers to keep as she was maybe online on fridays when she was staying with me, but still it felt to her as her horse.
She used to text me asking how Svenja ( She called it Svenja) was doing. Long story short, my friend and I kinda grew apart and she lost her horse.
At the Pose Lovers Fair however, there is The Last Unicorn.
It contains a few poses, all single ones. As the name insinuates it is not really the last one, according to Xianzia everyone can have her or his own copy of this “prop”.
Oh and for the record: We manipulated this picture a little by rezzing two of the unicorns and put them straight behind each other, so it looks like it contains multiple seats or couples poses, this is a single poses item with only room for 1 person !

L’amour et lumiére,
Xianzia & Emlies.

~ 319

On Xianzia:
Hair by Exile ~ Blink in the palette Wild Fusion @ The Arcade
Dress by Pretty Please ~ Fiona in the color Pink
Shoes by Ingenue ~ Delphine in the color Bloom

On Emlies:
Hair: Little Bones – Centerfold in Reds @ Collabor88
Headpiece: Lode – Phebe in Brown
Dress: Noche – Colivati

Prop& Pose: Q Poses ~ The Last Unicorn
Wild Grass by The Little Branch
Red Maple 4 Seasons Tree by The Little Branch

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