~ 324

Dearly Deers,

you know how some designers always seem to be able to put a stamp on their designs?
That when you see a design you just know of who’s hand it is.
To me, Byrne has that, no matter which piece you might get its recognizable.
Landa is one of her latest designs with that Byrne hand drawn special texture and fabric.
It consists out of three pieces, a knee length tight skirt, a corset like top and collar.
Two sets with each 3 color schemes, in either white or ombres all in classic mesh sizes.
As said earlier I am blessed with a body by Maitreya and with some adjustments to my upperbody it fits well, however, as always, I would recommend you to try the demo first when using a mesh body, just to be sure it fits you well too.

L’amour et lumière,

~ 324

Head: Rowne – Jem
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Eyeliner: Mai Bilavio – Super Glossy Eyeliner
Eyes: Ikon – Triumph
Tattoo Upper body: Endless Pain – Alice
Tattoo Leg: Endless Pain – Lil Miss Strange
Hair: Truth – Amaris

Top: Byrne – Landa @ The Instruments
Skirt: Byrne – Landa @ The Instruments
Jacket: Diram – Megan
Shoes: Ingenue – Oksana

Pose & Props:
Frozen Meadow by Alirium
Cherry Blossom Grand Tree by Asset
Pose: Ma Vie – Liquid State 07

[TOR] Sunset Warmer

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