~ 335

~ 335

Head: Genesis Lab – Giorgia
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Eyes: Ikon – Triumph
Liner: Mai Bilavio – Super Glossy Liner
Tattoo Upper body: Endless Pain – Alice
Tattoo Leg: Endless Pain – Lil Miss Strange
Hair: Letituier – Warrior Hair @ The Instruments May Round
Nails: 187 – Flare Nails Piano @ The Instruments May Round

Lingerie: Le Panty Shoppe – Noir Mon Amour
Jewelry: Indulge Temptation – Heion @ The Instruments May Round

Props and Pose:
Rothko House by Kaerri
Rothko Bedroom Picture by Kaerri
Rothko Bedside Table by Kaerri
Rothko Bed by Kaerri
Rothko Bed Light by Kaerri
Pose: Glitter – Broadway 07 @ The Instruments May Round


Event Landmarks!
The Instruments, May the 10th till May the 24th

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