~ 342

~ 342

Head: Catwa – Nicki
Skin: Ds’Elles – Camille @ The Black Dot
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Eyes: Ikon – Triumph
Tattoo Upper body: Endless Pain – Alice
Tattoo Leg: Endless Pain – Lil Miss Strange
Hair: Little Bones – Reckless

Lingerie: Kyoko Couture – Serina @ Creators Collection Box
Necklace: Bauhaus Movement – Dee @ Shiny Shabby

Props & Pose:
Shut Up Frame by Serenity Style from the Bring It To Me Gacha Machine @ The Liason Collaborative
Wally Bed by Serenity Style @ SaNaRae
On Your Wings Pose by Bauhaus Movement

Events Landmarks:
The Liason Collaborative, May 7th till May 30th
Shiny Shabby, May 20th till June 15th
SaNaRae, May 25th till June 18th
The Black Dot, May 11th till June 4th
Creators Collection Box, May 21st till June 21st

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