~ 439

~ 457

Adeline Catwa Applier by Ds’Elles
Willow Catwa Lipstick by Birth @ Applique Round 9
Boogie Nights Hair by Muse @ Genre
Farrah Hair Headband by Sn@tch @ Genre
Night Fever Earrings by Bliensen + Maitai @ Genre
Flash Bodysuit by Vengeful Threads @ Genre
80s Bangles by Eclectic *No longer available
Rollercliq Skates by HIM *No longer avaialble
On Your Wings Pose by Bauhaus Movement
Mirror Wall and floor by Anachron @ Genre **recolored for picture!
Record Tables by HT:home @ Genre **Modified in height for picture

Event Landmarks:
Applique, November 25th till December 5th
Genre, November 15th till December 12th

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