~ 468

Dearly Deers,

a shout out to Dennis, who is never too bummed out to help me make my pictures look better with his lovely being.
Not only is he patient with me while I go through windlights and setting up details, he too spends as much time as me… no sorry, at times even MORE time than me with making the image look as good as possible by dressing, redressing and redressing. Thank you ever so much Dennis, you are the best and I love you for that and more.

L’amour et lumière,
~ Emlies

~ 486

On Emlies:
Annik Hair by Emotions @ HairOlogy
Devon Tank Top by Tres Blah
Sporty Short by Pixicat @ Collabor88
Gracie Heelsand Socks by Friday @ Collabor88

On Dennis
Dark Sweatpants by Kalback

Sport Time *Includes Set up and props by Purple Poses @ Collabor88

Event Landmarks:
Hairology, January 10th till 31th

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