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Dearly Deers,

a few weeks ago I had posted I was slowing down a tad with blogging because of not doing all that great in first life.
I sent most of my sponsors a NC stating I would still log into Second Life and still blog, just not the daily amount I have been getting myself into.
I said I would love to stay a blogger for them but I would understand if this was not in the best interest for the brand.
I stated that I would hope to hear from them and if they wanted or needed clarification I’d be happy to provide that.
In fact those were my exact words.

Well with that being said I of course got a few reactions back
Quite a few were very understanding and wished me well. Told me to take the time I need but to please keep them in the loop.
Thank you for that, it is always appreciated when people actually get back to you about something.
Then there is the few, really just a tiny few who did not get back to me at all.
A few set me in the group not being able to see notices, which to me means Yes we would love for you to stay but we see it as honest towards our other bloggers you do not receive items then either. Cool too of course. I mean I am the one asking for a short break not vice versa.

One designer however was so kind to eject me from their group without ANY word at all. Up till today I did not receive any response whatsoever.
Let me state that I do not feel bad over the fact she had me ejected. I really do understand how things can work and with me being not so active, well yes I am able to understand and respect I no longer fit in their group/system then. I am absolutely cool with that. It’s a shame, but things are as they are. But to not mention it. To just push eject. It means they read it. It means they went to the trouble to find my name yet weren’t up for it to let me know. It feels like a certain rudeness to me. I do not care if that sounds arrogant from my side. I just find it impolite and unkind. Were my posts not liked? Weren’t they matching the brand any longer? Were they not like enough by others to raise traffic? Was it personal? If so, they could have ejected me way sooner I’d think, but ok this is indeed a neat excuse.

I know I “should not overthink” this as a few told me to who I vented out, but I still think its impolite all in all for if I did no longer live up to their rules or expectations they could have let me known earlier or ejected me without any word earlier too. I still like her designs and I still like the images I made featuring her brand but yes, I feel stuck up enough to not be “the better person”. In fact as a little kid I ejected all their tags from Flickr. I know that won’t do anything to the brand. But it felt right anyway. Petite Mort and I are no longer working together that much is clear.

L’amour et lumière,

~ 509

Octavia Hair by Shi
Hoodie by
Fame Femme @ The Men’s Department
Goldie Boots by Fri.Day
Mannequin 47 Pose by Bauhaus Movement

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