~577 A moment in time..

Dearly deers,

it is with a smile that I post this.
I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and ages.
To just post things that have nothing to do with my sl images.
Things that are “not done” to post, becasuse they are private, they are opinionated, they are not anyone elses busineness and mostly, it is not professional.
However, I am allowed to have an opinion. Is this better to leave with the actual names out? Is it less hypcrite to keep the names in?
Well I blog on my blogplatform and since today is the day that I am done with certain holding back, voila here goes.

I have met 3 maybe 4 years ago this person.
We spoke, and this was alright, but somehow it often ended up being flirted with and I have not been interested in it, and well after all this time, I can safely say I still am not.
He made no secret that he “just wants to have a little fun in sl” and this, I do not mind, just do not have “this little fun” with me.
So we did keep talking over time, like when we were in same club, you see someone you know so say hi. but every single time, it ended the same.
At some point, you just have had enough of this utter nonsense and so you plain out say, stop it.

I did not expect to be talked to again, and I would totally get that too.
But, all bullcrap pushed aside, he spoke again today. With a neat compliment. Oh joy.
So here goes, my unedited talk of the day with a person I spoke on a few occasions more with.

[13:45] NAME smiles
[13:45] NAME: Great look today
[13:46] Emlies Xeltentat: I always look great
[13:46] Emlies Xeltentat: by default
[13:46] NAME: You do…
[13:46] NAME: You are soo small.. and petite.. and .. alluring
[13:47] Emlies Xeltentat: as always yes
[13:48] NAME: If you took off the glasses.. and heels.. and put on a baby girl outfit.. you would make a wonderful.. sweet, good baby girl..
[13:50] Emlies Xeltentat: And like always not interested in such talk.
[13:50] Emlies Xeltentat: It has lost its shine by now too from you to be honest.
[13:50] Emlies Xeltentat: So enjoy your day further
[13:51] Emlies Xeltentat: Like seriously, read back
[13:51] Emlies Xeltentat: I look fine, even great look in your words
[13:51] Emlies Xeltentat: while a moment later I should drop practially all to look diferent??? lol
[13:52] NAME: Sorry.. no intention to offend
[13:52] NAME: Have a great day
[13:52] Emlies Xeltentat: it is not offending its just really lame.
[13:53] NAME Shrugs

NAME, change your ways, it may have a better effect!

L’amour et lumière,
Emlies !

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