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Dearly Deers,

What is it that Skin Fair has to offer?
Surely many of you have already visited and found your favorites.

Revouls comes with 8 brand new skins, I am showing you Lena which is made for Lelutka.
Lena comes in 3 tones and I am wearing the darkest in this range, tone 3.
The shape I am wearing is my own, so make sure you try out the one they offer in the mainstore to get the effect you see on their vendor.
In the main picture I used the Places Embryo Windlight, however, in the picture** below you can clearly see how the tones are in the Strawberry Headshot Windlight.

Both the blush and eyemake up are from ShakeUp!, appliers for Lelutka.
The blush comes in 5 different colors.
Depending on the skintone of course it will be more or less extreme, but naturally with the Lelutka Hud itself you can adjust the intensity of the color.
On the pictures I have not edited it though, as I like how it accentuated the cheekbones even more.
The eyemake up is not edited either however, with this skin I used it is less out there so it gives a more natural look. The hud has several options though and they include stronger colors as well in it.

Michan released new lashes for Lelutka.
In the mainpicture I been using the 4th option of them but there are 5 options.
Myself I not used lashes other than the ones on Lelutka, but I really like how different they make the look, since I was so used to the “default” ones.
So def worth to get them if you like sublte changes to your look.

Next item in picture are nails. Slackgirl creates amazing shoewear, but check out the nails she also creates.
These are for Maitreya and you need to hide the default nails so they do not interfear with the texture.
They fit amazing and if you like long long nails, then her booth is def worth a visit.

Last but not certainly not least…
United Colors. One of my favorite original mesh creators in Second Life.
Excellent usage of leather lace and other materials and this time spectacular leather and the prettiest lace for Whore Couture Fair
April comes as a vest and harness. They are sold seperate but mix well as a set. Both available in 10 colors. Of course, when you go for the fatpack of each of them, the color possibilties are endless. Next to that, the April Vest you can wear with so many other items from your inventory.
April is available for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.

Well get your hooves ready and off you go deers!
L’amour et lumière,
Emlies !

**This pictures does ONLY show the skin colors from the Lena Skin by Revoul, no other designs mentioned above are visible in this picture, except for the April vest and Harness by United Colors!

Rama hair by Little Bones
Lena Skin by Lefort by Revoul @ Skin Fair 2018
Rachel Eyeshadow by ShakeUp! @ Skin Fair 2018
Blush by ShakeUp! @ Skin Fair 2018
Meredith Lashed by Michan @ Skin Fair 2018
Zilda Mesh Nails by SlackGirl @ Skin Fair 2018
April Harness by United Colors @ Whore Couture
April Laced Vest by United Colors @ Whore Couture

Event Landmarks:
Skin Fair NORTH, till March the 26th
Skin Fair SOUTH, till March the 26th
Whore Couture Fair, till March the 31st

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