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Dearly Deers,

a word of wonder..
The past years I have been a blogger and got sponsored by quite some brands, which is awesome of course.
When I started blogging in sl, it was not as popular as it is nowadays.
And I have come to think about certain rules that apply when you get sponsored.

One of them, that bothers me a little bit much is the one where you are asked to provide the correct landmark in your post to the event where the item you showcase currently is at.
So far, I have managed to provide this.
What I find highly annoying though is, when it is sorta demanded to provide this info, OR your post won’t count, when the blogpackage lacks that little piece of info provided ..

Item A at TVSH Event.

Often it is said by many blog managers that YOU are the blogger so it is your “job” to find out about the info and provide it.

So there you are, you spent time on your styling and the correct naming of the showcased items but Darn I not once in my life heard of TVSH event and there is no landmark in this package, nor an informationcard.. Oh well, not too dramatic, one always has friend Google at their service!
So you google it, sadly, nothing, yeah new event, not high in SAP yet.. or a too common name, so you get TVSH going on in New York which has not so much to do with the one you seek in Second Life.. Yup a catchy name. But hey hey hey wait…
there is not only friend google, nope, an event that has a bit of fame is most likely covered by Seraphim! So you go ahead and google the name with the words “Seraphim” behind it!!
Crap still nothing, prolly a new event on the grid then?
Then Oh lightbulb!! Let’s use Search INWORLD!!!! … uhmm Nope, sorry, no hits either…
Many bloggers will understand this part described here right? We all once or twice been there..

So I question this rule. “Blog within a certain time frame with the correct event landmark.”

Was blogging not once “A review of an item”? When you review an item, do you not need all information to review this item and it whereabouts properly?
Is it truly a bloggers responsibilty to find out things when its the sponsor who wants you to use the correct information?
When your sponsor takes part in an event it is likely they have the actual LM as they need to set up their items for sale there.
Is it really SOOOOO much to ask to add this lm in your blogpack?
Sure as a designer you are busy with “other things” this does not automatically mean bloggers are less busy though.
I am happy to provide certain information on my blog, here, my work, my very own platform which is mine, but I would appreciate the courtesy of having all info I need then too so I can actually do my part of the sponsorship a designer provides.

L’amour et lumière,

2018-04-12 X 616

Sabine Hair by Elikatira
Schizuko Hat and Cascade by Zibska @ Neo Japan
Luna Dress and Vest by United Colors @ Black Fair

Event Landmarks:
Neo Japan, till April 22nd
Black Fair, till April 28th

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