~ 692

Dearly Deers,

So I opened up my Flickr account today.
Got a mail there. I hardly ever get mail there so opened it to see this:

Click this link as its a gyazoo screen shot


Jemayro Jaxon
Jemayro Jaxon
A message

You must be frustrated, not enough favs?
You are not better than anyone else.
Pathetic behaviour.”

And so I really wanted to respond to this.
Because I am clueless of what this is about.
I do not know the person.
I do not know why this person sent me this.
I do not know why I should be frustrated.
I do not know why my fav’s are not “enough”, as if I care really.
I do not know why I think I am better than anyone else.
I do not know why this is pathetic behavior as I do not know what the pathetic behavior is.


So there, that is life for you, pathetic and weird as always.
And my mood was already great as I got the oh so joyfull news my sis in law is pregnant from twins.
Fucking twins ffs.

NO L’amour and def not lumière,

~ 692

F1215 Hair by Tram
MeowEyes by Casse Lustre @Sanarae
Aio Eye Sahdow by Zibska @ Sanarae
Aio Lipstick by Zibska @ Sanarae
Aio Headpiece by Zibska @ Sanarae
Elodie Pose by Serendipty

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