~ 721 Goodbye

Dearly Deers,

Recently I have lost a friend.
A good friend.
The type of friend who always is there.
And now that friend has decided to be gone.
Gone forever.
No goodbye, just a notification left.
So my friend, I will say what you could not.


~ 721

Daya Hair by Little Bones
Chemi Eyeshadow by Zibska @ Skin Fair
Moles and Freckles by 7 Deadly Skins @ Skin Fair
Claey Mesh Nails by SlackGirl @ On9
Rosetta Tattoo by Nanika @ Skin Fair
Greta Oracle Dress by NU @ Level Event
Cheeky Pose by Heart Poses

Event Landmarks:
Level Event
Skin Fair NORTH
Skin Fair SOUTH

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