~ 800

Dearly Deers,

Newness by Nocturnal Couture.
The Katherina Dress for Curves event by Pale Girl Productions.
Being skinny I am never sure if what the dress is made for is something I can wear or should wear.
Then again, did I ever care or be told what to or what not to wear?
I do not think so and nor should you I suppose.
Katherina has been rigged for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus as well as Slink Original and Hourglass, there are seven colors to choose from, In each pack is a materials enabled version as well as a common version. The differences will show depending on the windlight you use as well as your personal settings. The color shown is the teal version.

Dreamlight participates in Unik and made a set of earrings and a ring called Arice.
With the hud you have a wide choice in color options for both gems and the metal.
The Arice hud allows you to wear the ring on either left hand, right hand or both, if you’re feeling sassy.
The rings are rigged for Maitreya, Slink Dynamic and Kemono bodies/hands.
The earrings aren’t rigged and resizable through the hud, so they’ll always fit.

The pose by Serendipity, comes from the Megan pack.
Megan contains 5 different standing poses as well as the mirrored versions of them.
The one shown is 5, not edited for this image.

The extra’s in this post come from Magika, Victoria is a loose hair, swept aside with bobby pins.
You can either wear swept to left or right. The bobby pins are adjustable in 6 colors or can be hidden.
Nailpolish is by ZoZ, New Year’s Night, older item but might be still available.

L’amour et lumière,

~ 800

Victoria Hair by Magika
Katherina Dress by Nocturnal Couture @ Curves
Arice Ring by DreamLight @ Unik
Arice Earrings by DreamLight @ Unik
Megan Pose by Serendipity

Event Landmarks:
Curves, Closes August 24th
Unik, Closes August 28th

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