The Ark is coming..

Pale Girl Productions is pleased to announce an event that has been in the works for over a year:
The Ark, an event for everything animal related!
The Ark officially opens on September 13th.
Stay tuned for upcoming news and the landmark to visit this unique event

Want a preview?
The sim opens for sponsor groups and the Pale Girl Productions Group
From September the 12th 9 am slt until September the 13th 9 am slt

The pGp update group is currently open.
To join the pGp update group, paste the following into your browser: secondlife:///app/group/8f19c626-ea55-d4af-bbf8-a9f143d3743d/about

!!!!Complexity limits of 50,000 will be enforced on the sim for the first weekend!!!

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