~ 839

Dearly Deers,

The other day Emlies turned 11.
Age means little in Second Life as it just another day added without many visible changes.
You still look not old, you don’t age visually.
Mentally though, the experiences add up.
And I am not sure if it is just me, or if it’s generally so.
The experiences seem less and less positive.
And for the first time in eleven years, I seriously wonder if I should just quit it or not.
I’d hate giving up all the investments I made, from financial investments to the emotional ones but I wonder if it would start making Anne more happy.
It’s a double feeling for giving up on all I did, be it little or big, feels like it would hurt me, as if I’d miss my habits.
While at the same time, there’s not really anything waiting for me out there anymore but rent.
Is sl still “fun”?

~ Emlies

~ 839

Brandi Hair by Doux
Flora Bodysuit by United Colors @ Fameshed
Rose Garden Heels by Entice @ The Trunk Show
Modern Love Chair by Kaerri @ The Trunk Show
Modern Love Floor Petals by Kaerri @ The Trunk Show
Pose by Lyrium

Landmarks to the event:
The Trunk Show

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