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Dearly Deers,

more Skin Fair news.
Lelutka created Lake, a new bento head, BOM ready in the Evolution range.
For those not used to BOM, such as myself, it was a little struggling to get it to work, but you will get the hang of it quickly.
Lelutka, added twp types in the package, (SL) and without that tag.
This means, that the head with (SL) in the name, is built on the “Ruth” body so Legacy and Belleza bodies will fit correctly, when you wear for instance Maitreya, wear the option without (SL) in it, this way the neck will fit seamless!

Lake is really built for BOM, so there is not a real default skin with it, however, there are 2 tattoo layers added to the package, but you will need the skin layers, for even though Maitreya will fit with the default skintones, you will see a neckline, as the tatoo layers wont reach your neck. I personally think Lelutka can win a little in that part by adding the actual skin tones with it so you wont HAVE to invest in a brand new skin, however, nearly all skins CAN be used on BOM, so it’s a debatable opinion of course.

Since I lack the actual skin tones in a system skin, I show the Lake Evolution head with Hyeon.
Hyeon is a new, exclusive skin from FNTTY for Skin Fair 2020.
Hyeon comes in 4 tones, Porcelain, Ivory, Beige and Natural.
She is officially meant to be worn on the Ern head from the Evolution series of Lelutka, however, I think she looks still cute on Lake.
Being made for Lelutka Evolution, Hyeon comes with Lelutka Head appliers, but also BOM tattoo layers are added in each pack.
Mind you, to have the skintones matching, you will need to get those from Narcissistic.

Like I said, the shape that comes with Hyeon, is based on Erin.
The shape I am wearing for the images, is by Wren’s Nest, called Nellie.
Now Nellie, is built for the Nova head but as you can see, the look works quite well with both the Lake head and the Hyeon skin too.
This is why playing with shapes is always interesting.
The shape used is proportional, but as always, both Tall and Sightly Curvy shapes are included as well.
For this image I did not edit the shape so what you see is what you get !

Then, the main image has a bit of make up by Shiny Stuffs.
Dream Shadow comes in 36 (!!!) shades to chose from. They are Tattoo BOM layers, made for Lelutka Evolution, however you can test them of course on other heads too, see how that works.
Same goes for the lipstick, also by Shiny Stuffs with 32 colors to choose from, surely Stolen Kisses will have your prefered shade!

What I personally like about BOM layers, is that you can see the actual colors of the layers.
I tried on some appliers for lipstick and the hair made it look invisible at the alpha parts of that hair.
This means you either wear a different hair, or you will get familiar with BOM.

My first try out with BOM was frustrating, I asked many questions to others and all people have been both really friendly as helpful and I can safely say, that I am more open to using BOM, might I find a skin and shape that fits my prefered look for “always” as I am quite stuck on looking like Emlies. I will play some more though and keep you all updated on this.

For now, Skin Fair will open tomorrow , the 13th to the public!
Have fun!

L’amour et lumière,

~ 899

Bento Head :
Lake Head by Lelutka @ Skin Fair 2020
Eyes: Default from Lake Head by Lelutka @ Skin Fair 2020

Nellie Eyebrows by Wren’s Nest @ Skin Fair 2020
Nellie Proportional Shape by Wren’s Nest @ Skin Fair 2020

Hyeon Skin by Fntty @ Skin Fair 2020
Natural Fit Body Applier by Narcissistic

Make Up:
Dreamy Shadow Eye Shadow by Shiny Stuffs @ Skin Fair 2020
Stolen Kisses Lipstick by Shiny Stuffs @ Skin Fair 2020

Marie By Doux
Forgotten Branches by Lode

Skin Fair 2020 North Sim
Skin Fair 2020 South Sim

FNTTY Hyeon skins, worn on Lelutka Evolution LAKE, with Nellie Shape by Wren’s Nest. No make up and lashes!

Remember to join the huge giveway at Skin Fair !!
This body could be yours !

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