Skin Fair 2021

Dearly Deers,

Skinfair 2021 has opened and is brought to you by Pale Girl Productions and Lelutka.
Over 100 designers bring you their latest with brand new exclusive Skins, Make Ups, Tattoos, and Mesh Body Parts spread over two sims.

To save you some time, The Pale Girl Productions in-world group is open.
Through this update group, designers can send their demo’s for the items.
Join the group to test a few things, this way you know how the fit is the items is on your pretty self.
And you can do this all in the time when you can not yet get in, as the sims will be pretty packed the first days.
This is the URL, simply copy paste this into your local chat et voila!


As said, the sim in the first days will be pretty swamped, please bare with others AND yourself.
Make sure you wear no excessive scripts, or better yet, do not wear any.
There is a complexity limit of 100.000 the first days, so all of us can enjoy this event without a too insane amount of lag.
An extra note, the sims are PG, this means you have to cover your private parts, you may risk being ejected if not.

Where Skin Fair 2021 is brought to you by Pale Girl Productions and Lelutka, these are the sponsors of the event I want to mention.

Signature, Catwa, LAQ, Taox Tattoo, Logo, Pumec, INITHIUM And Go&See

This is the map, where all participating designers are listed, you can quickly see where to find them on the sims

For a shopping guide, again, join the group in-world to get the demo’s or visit The Pale Girl Productions website

Then last, but most certainly not least, the landmarks to bring you happiness

Skin Fair North by Pale Girl Productions
Skin Fair South by Pale Girl Productions
Skin Fair Cam Sim

Have fun, stay calm, happy demo-ing and don not spend more than you can:P

~ Emlies

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