~ 1279

~ 1279

The Base:
Lake Head by Lelutka
Lara body by Maitreya
Shape by Emlies
Eye Brow Shape by Emlies
Skin by It Girls

The Enhancers:
Dewey Eyes by Wareta @ Skin Fair 2022
Kenzie Lashes by Michan @ Skin Fair 2022
Gloria Eyeshadow by Schoen @ Skin Fair 2022
Azalea Lipstick by Beautyconic @ Skin Fair 2022
Facial Moles by Nar
Dawn Hair by Stealthic

The Fashion:
Tracey Blouse by Osmia

The Pose:
Faces 06 by Amitie

The Landmarks:
Skin Fair North
Skin Fair South
Skin Fair Cam Sim

For all information about Skin Fair, please visit Juniper Events

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    1. Well, miss Zanetti, this is definitely not how to get an answer to your question. I think its rather impolite, for you to tell me what to do on my blog and how to do it.
      So, Thank you for your polite suggestion to “be complete”, I will take this in consideration.
      Have a nice day!


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