~ 013 Like a lady who lunches

Ola Ola mes petits monstres,

What is it about going out for lunch and find all sorts of dishes on the menu and you just can’t choose 1 thing???

~ 013a

Yes, we all know what to do, we just order all !

This new composed look is made out of 3 different designs all made by  Faint Paulse who is the designer for Ladies Who Lunch.

I started with the new gown ANGEL.  Angel is a  feather dress which comes in seven colors, Gabriel White, Satan Red, Cheribum Pink, Raphael Light, Chayot Earth, Seraphim Natural and Malach Black. The feathers are all placed one by one on the items. Each of the items is built so that you can wear any piece alone or all together as a beautiful gown . (This gown has mesh items**)

~ 014b

Second I choose to add parts of The Captain. An outfit styled for Avenues Anniversary Steampunk show. The content of this package comes with the Corset Boots, Captain Mouse helmet, The Inventor Jacket and The Sparks Bodysuit in gold.  All to make it a unique look.

Third part of the look is made out of The Bordello, another outfit styled for Avenues Anniversary Steampunk Show. The Bordello comes in three colors. Widow, Innocent and Stormy. I used parts of Stormy for my look. (This gown too has mesh items)

All in all enough reason to go visit Ladies Who Lunch to see what you can order from the menu!

L’Amour et L’umière, La Mamma Monstre

~ 014c


[LWL] Angel Gown – Upper layer, Lower layer, Waist part pelvis and Train part

[LWL] Angel Shrug (Complete but choose for the black lace)

[LWL] Sparks bodysuit (gold)

[LWL]Inventor Jacket Bottom (Edited)

[LWL] The Bordello Gown Piece 3 of 3 (Edited)

[LWL] Corset Boots

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