~ 014

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres.

Participating in the 52 weeks of colors like many did before me and I am sure many will do after me as well. Grey is the first color in this list. This is the styling I came up with.

52 weeks of Color. Week 1 GREY

First of all, finding grey in my inventory was not easy. Although I like the color, I did not seem to have ALOT. But I managed to come up with a complete style. I started with these highwaisted pants in denim, they make me look even taller then I am and combined with a one color shirt in paisly its a good basis to add more to it.  Since temperture is getting lower I added this Boucle jacket over it with a big collar. When it gets colder you can just bury yourself completely into it next to that they have big pockets, so your hands won’t be cold either. Then my biggest love in life, SHOES.  I found these amazing matching wedges to go with it. They come with a hud that allows you to choose from 5 different heels and a wide range of colors to sort of design your own shoes. Obviously  I choose GREY this time, but I am sure I will wear these more often as comfy as they are. My feet love mesh ! Then to top this off, I am wearing a highfashion necklace in silver with Onyx gems. My nails polished in silver with matching rings who also have the onyx gems.  Hope you have as much fun to find something grey in YOUR inventory!

L’Amour et L’umière, La Mamma Monstre


Jeans: Dream Pants by ::POISED::
Top: Miel Paisley Lace Mix Bodice by ADIVA COUTURE
Jacket: Alissa Bouclé Fur Mix Jacket by ADIVA COUTURE
Shoes: Faelin Pumps by ALISON PROJECT
Necklace: Ocollection 03 by FINESMITH
Nails: Nails Metalic Set by FINESMITH

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