Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

30 december 2011 THE date to pre-celebrate new years so I plan to go to a party this eve, I am ready with ANAS.


For the NOIR Collection a few of the colorfull dresses are made in, well black.
ANAS, a cocktaildress, is one of them. Of course you can get ANAS also in different colors; Copper, Olive, Mustard, Red and Plum.
However for parties a black dress is always a safe option and its matchable endlessly, like here.
To make it less chic and more me, I wear the grey striped socks with it, which come with the dress.
Also, I added a jacket LINDSAY from Ricielli, the color is edited to yellow, since its my favorite color next to pink.
The boots I wear are from The Secret Store they are called Vinyl Vintage Boots. The necklaces are both from Atelier AM
Hope you all will have a nice and smooth transition from 2011 to 2012, for your black dresses or gowns, visit ALEIDA.

L’Amour et L’umière
La Mamma Monstre.

The Secret Store
Atelier AM, sim seems to be closed but the designer is Aya Huldschinski

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