~ 027 Forward to 2011

Ola Ola mes Petits Monstres,

The last day 2011 and what better way to leave all behind, take a plane and just bring the positive future with you?

Emi - Vero Modero and Gizza

Taken this picture at the Hollywood Airport, I wanted to leave for 2011 to 2012. However, why leave?
In 2011 I have left many things in order to become stronger and happier. Sadly it left some people hurt, including myself.
Therefor, I decided to not leave with the plane and just stay put where I am and continue my journey in life to become a stronger person.
I hope 2012 will bring you no less than all the same kind of highlights as 2011 brought you and that the bad times you had in 2011 will be given a place, not to be forgotten, but to be able to move on.

The for the fashion.
I had packed for the plane and good I decided to stay home, because I have so much more in my inventory then this case can hold…
The dress, TIGER DRESS, is from Vero Modero, it comes with a prim and sculpt skirt, so you can decide which works best for you.
The colorrange of this dress is bright and made me feel happier almost instantly.
Over it, is the VELVET JACKET by Gizza. It comes in several color options and all the sculpts make this jacket fit your body perfectly.
Underneath it, is the pants from the new design, DARK SWAN, also by Gizza. (Jacket not shown)
Combined with the EDNA PLATFORM pumps by Nardcotix in the color tea, and the orange TEAPOTBAG by Tokidoki, I am ready to go home again.
The plane was made by DNA planes, also the location of where the picture was taken.

Wishing you all a nice last day of 2011.

L’amour et Lùmiere,
La Mamma Monstre.

Nardcotix (70% all off sale)
Vero Modero
DSA Planes @ Hollywood Airport

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