~ 028 Deniz Lalesi by E.N.S.H.E.

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Ever heard of Deniz Lalesi?
They live in the ocean.
But now they come to you, in the form of a design by E.N.S.H.E.

Deniz Lalesi by Enshe

Deniz Lalesi, Crinoid, Sea Lilly, a new look on this living animal by E.N.S.H.E.
A bodysuit in red, not just a bodysuit, but a BODY suit all over,
shiney red ruffled pants,
shiney red ruffled breastpiece,
a teal headpiece with a matching belt.
This makes DENIZ LALESI.

E.N.S.H.E. will open soon, so stay tuned for more teasers.

L’Amour et L’umière,
La Mamma Monstre.

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