FAQ U Ramses Meredith (wk1)

Ola Ola Petits Monstres,

Here’s our first post on our weekly Faq U.
Both Amazon and me have 10 Questions for The Famous Ones.
Our first victim is Ramses Meredith, Owner of Egoisme.

Ramses has started designing tattoos and ended up having a small imperium with Egoisme. Clothes, Hairs, Tattoo’s, Shoes, Skins, Jewelry, its all there.
When you know Ramses, you know his sense of humor and therefor we felt secure enough to ask him our 10 questions and share them with our readers:)
Lets find out what you might not have known about Ramses.

1. Describe yourself using 5 words.
Ramses: “A big bastard 360 degrees.”

2. What do you think a “Semolina Maze” is?
Ramses: “Semolino in italy is a food for kids, so I think is a complicate way to feed them..”

3. What has been your best day in your life so far?
Ramses: “The day I found the brain manual it was under the table’s leg, to make the table stable.”

4. If you were invisible for 1 day what would you do?
Ramses: “Oh well I would smex many people.” **

5. What is in your opinion the BEST invention since the wheel?
Ramses: “Me? Tbest invention was internet for sure.The best way to create a global village in one click, the famous “utopia” came true with internet.”

6. What is the most ridiculous item you have bought?
Ramses: “Well the most ridicolous one was a sort of torture machine, because u need to ASK the victim to sit… I was a bit puzzled to be honest…”

7. What does your last text message say?
Ramses: “It says “bye bye””

8. Where do you not wish to be found dead?
Ramses: “In a food store because I eat like a pig.”

9. Can you tell us what the TUV button on your remote control is for?
Ramses: “It is the acronymou of a powerful bomb.”

10. Who do you want us to interview next and what would you like us to ask him or her?
Ramses: “I want to have interviewed .. mm ivy! Ask her why she hates me so much.”

Well Amazon and me will most certainly to get a hold of her and find out why she hates Ramses.
We want to thank Ramses for being a sport and make time to visit us to answer this Faq U.
To visit Egoisme this is the landmark: EGOISME LANDMARK

L’Amour et L’umière,

** we changed the word originally used.

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