FAQ U Ivy Maverick (wk2)

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres

This weeks Faq U is with Ivy Maverick who was requested by Ramses last week.
Most of you know Ivy from Maverick Design. Specialising in shapes, skins and beauty.
Of course she is also known for Menstuff and Womenstuff and soon to be started Homestuff Groups, with real intresting hunts.
However, in this weekly Faq U, we want to know different things and lets kick off with the question Ramses wanted answered!

1: Why do you hate Ramses so much?
Ivy: “Ivy Maverick: Oh big question up front huh? Well my therapist said its because I secretly want to have his babies and marry him , but I think its just because of this Damn mink he made that I can’t bare to take off.”

2:Describe yourself using 5 words.
Ivy: “Smart, dumb, happy, sad, complicated.”

3. What do you think a “Semolina Maze ” is?
Ivy: “Like salmonella that gets into the intestines and creates a maze…..its hard to treat:P.”

4. What was the best day in your life so far?
Ivy: “Such a hard one but, sending my son off to college. Whew free at last free at last!
In Seriousness having both my sons is the best days.”

5. If you were invisible for one day what would you do?
Ivy: ” I would sneak and see al the movies I like to see and not pay…maybe rob a bank if motivated.”

6. What is the best invention since the wheel?
Ivy: “hmmm …. the smartphone, lol I am totally addicted.”

7. What is your most ridiculous bought item EVER?
Ivy: “thinking.. I stand by all my purchases:P.”

8. What does your last text message say?
Ivy: “Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!”

9. Where do you not wish to be found? As in not even dead?
Ivy: “I dont want to be found with any of the Kardashians.”

10. What means the TUV button on the remote control?
Ivy: “Turn up the Volume..”

11. Who of the famous do you want us to interview next week and what should we ask him or her?
Ivy: “Well we have to go with the KING of sexy Mr Vitamen Hax! Ask him where his gym is so we can come stalk him in RL:-).”

Well well Vitamen….hope you are ready….
I would like to thank Ivy very much for participating in our Faq U.
Visit Maverick Design by clicking here :))

L’Amour et L’umière,

**Small note: Amazon crashed and was unable to make it back…but she was with me in spirit:P

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