~ 031 Aleida turn mesh already into retro…

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

With the upcoming way of designing in Second Life, mesh slowly but surely is getting more popular with designers.
But to make it retro already..??

Aleida goes Mesh

Johanne is a long knitted pullover with a very retro look in violet.
Made with the new mesh technique, the retro comes even more alive, some of us might remember how uber hip it was to have those “bat” sleeves…
Who knew…Mesh is retro…. Johanne comes with cerise colored tights which makes it excellent to combine with boots.
However, to keep it retro looking I think the Gloria wedges of Nardcotix in purple are very matchable.

L’Amour et L’Umière,
La Mamma Monstre

Aleida **Johanne is now participating in the 60L weekend !

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