FAQ U Vitamen Hax (wk3)

Ola Ola Mes Petits Monstres,

Last time Ivy asked A&E to find out where Vitamen Hax does his workout, for then we all know where to stalk him.
She even called him “King of Sexy”, so we asked Vitamen to share his view on our questions and he was more then happy to do so. Vitamen is mostly known for his brand “Vitamen”, specialised in underwear and swimwear for men, which he has also been asked to do in first life. So when you hear Vitamen, you will think of underwear from now on..

1: Ivy’s Question: KING of sexy Mr Vitamen Hax, Where is your gym so we can come stalk you in RL?
Vitamen: “Oasis, it’s a famous gym naer Shinjuku of Tokyo, and my secret place for beauty, lol”

2:Describe yourself using 5 words.
Vitamen: “m… thong, bikini, boxer, squares, jocks ;P”

3. What do you think a “Semolina Maze” is?
Vitamen: “Mrs Semolina’s home-made maze ?”

4. What was the best day in your life so far?
Vitamen: “Last year, a person of a rl company saw my blog and I got offered to design RL underwear for a RL company. I designed and sold…it has been the best day for me so far”

5. If you were invisible for one day what would you do?
Vitamen: “m.. i can’t tell you in public ;P haha”

6. What is the best invention since the wheel?
Vitamen: “The digital walkman; no music no gymlife for me, I like house music to work out with”

7. What is your most ridiculous bought item EVER?
Vitamen: “m…. nipples..”

8. What does your last text message say?
Vitamen: ” ;D ” to my sis”

9. Where do you not wish to be found? As in not even dead?
Vitamen: “m…. in bed ? I don’t like my hair style when I wake up”

10. What means the TUV button on the remote control?
Vitamen: “m………………………………………………………………………………..
Take care of UV for your skin ?”

11. Who of the famous do you want us to interview next week and what should we ask him or her?
Vitamen: “Maya Sharpshire, what kind of vitamin is she taking. I want to know how she keeps her energy”

Thank you Vitamen for taking part and lets find out which vitamins Ms Sharpshire is taking.
Take this landmark to visit Vitamens store and don’t forget, the visit the roof of the store…

L’Amour et L’umière,

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